Book a seasonal pitch for 2024

Book a seasonal pitch to make the most of the camping season and your holiday budget. The daily price is much lower, and the memory bank will be much fuller with wonderful summer memories. When you book a seasonal pitch, you become part of the community that exists here at Båstad Camping; the camping family. Our seasonal guests have a great sense of community and impressive neighborliness, with most people actually knowing most people.

Booking a seasonal pitch means having unlimited access to your campsite throughout the season. As an added bonus, it also includes free entry to Skummeslövsbadet and a rich variety of events that take place throughout the season. All of our pitches are generously grassed, with an area of about 120 square meters and equipped with an electric pole offering 10 amps of power. As for electricity consumption, you pay for this separately, month by month.

All sites are grass-covered, approximately 120 square meters and have a 10-amp electric pole.
Electricity is paid separately, month by month.

Book pre-season -24

Make the most of early summer here in Båstad! The pre-season includes three of our most popular weekends: Easter, 1th of May and Ascension Day. These weekends are filled with various activities and events that create a great atmosphere at the campsite.

Period: 22/3 – 19/6
Price: 8 900 kr excl. electricity (incl. midsummer 10 700 kr)

Book full season -24

Do you want to be part of the adventure from start to finish? By booking a full season pitch, you get the chance to really enjoy all the highlights the season has to offer. You can enjoy the peaceful early summer, the lively high season and then join the harmonious post-season.

22/3 – 29/9
Price: 22 600 kr excl electricity

Book post-season -24

Treat yourself to the calm that comes after the storm. The post-season gives you the opportunity to experience a quiet and comfortable pace. You can really relax and extend the holiday feeling in the mild late summer heat.

Period: 19/8 – 29/9
Price: 4 650 kr excl. electricity


Book winter season -23/24

There is something special about sitting inside a warm caravan when the snow is falling outside the window. Båstad Camping hibernates during the winter season and nature’s tranquillity takes over.

Period: 1/10 – 22/3
Price: 7 800 kr excl. electricity

For more information and to book a seasonal pitch, please contact reception.

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