Service shop

Welcome to Båstad’s new ice cream bar where you can enjoy delicious ice cream, cakes and sweets. Take the opportunity to shop for anything you forgot at home.

Also check out our new souvenir cabinet with lots of gifts for your loved ones.

The shop is located in the same building as the reception, so the opening hours are the same.

The range varies during the season but we always have more or less products in the following categories

Dairy products
Procurement products
Barbecue accessories
Snacks and sweets
Bread, biscuits and cakes
Hygiene and cleaning products
Camping accessories
Souvenirs and gifts

Opening hours

Low season
Monday-Thursday 8:30-18:00
Friday 8:30-20:00
Saturday 8:30-20:00
Sunday 8:30-18:00

Subject to change